The family owned company ŠTRUKELJ MIT Ltd., has in 30 years of existence developed from a joinery workshop to a manufacturer of upholstered furniture, marine furniture, and interior furniture. The majority of production is for several years exported. Manufacture process is based on well-trained staff and is striking the best possible balance between high technology and old-school master's work. Commitment to the high quality of the product and service was awarded also with certificate ISO 9001.

Until today, it has manufactured furniture for a great number of vessels, type PSV, AHTS, OCV, MPSV, trawler and a fish carrier with accommodation from 20 to 150 persons.

The design based on gathered experiences together with careful manufacture ensures that products are practical and excellent for a long-term use. Thanks to great production flexibility, furniture meets individual ideas and demands in design, function, and materials.



Šempas 32A, 5261 Šempas

Phone: +386 5 3077 200
Fax: +386 5 3077 222

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